Chat Your Heart Out
01 April 2021

Time is of the essence, especially when it is the time between chat messages.

Have you ever experienced the agony of waiting for a reply to a message? A sign, an acknowledgement that it was read, anything to fill this awkward silence, this nothingness? Whatever reply is coming your way and regardless of how long it takes, we've got you covered.

We will not only introduce message receipts that tell you exactly when your message was read (and how long you are already waiting for a reply), we will also give you at least something as you wait for a response:

Some call them typing awareness indicator, ellipses or just "three dots"; in Tibia they are your new companion in that limbo of hope and suspense that feels like an eternity...

When someone starts typing in a chat channel in the game, the famous "XYZ is typing..." will be displayed there, but that is just the start of it. We will fuel the battle of curiosity and apprehension with written equivalents to lovely elevator music because just seeing that XYZ is (finally) typing is not enough. The following image provides a glimpse of the witty status messages to express the bouquet of thoughts in your head while XYZ is drafting a reply:

Those subtle stages of wondering whether it will be something funny, confrontational, vulnerable, emotional... and then XYZ stops typing. The horror! Then they reappear, the dots of eternal hope, indicating that this message will be a long one, thoughtful, deep... "Yup, cool." Sounds familiar? Fret not! For those in need to know the unabridged, unedited truth, the mind reader will reveal it all for a small sacrifice of gold or Tibia Coins.

On top of that, if you are ever at a loss for words or maybe feel that sometimes it is better to not say anything at all, you will still be able to express all those boiling emotions inside of you by reacting with one out of three superb chat effects, visible for everybody in the channel.

And there's more, Tibians! We will also spice up your game interactions with something you did not know you needed until now:

Strikingly big emojis will allow you to shower other Tibians with your beautiful facial expressions wherever you go: Tibimojis! Click on the images below to open up Tibimojied ingame shots and be amazed. So next time instead of writing a manifest to explain how you feel about something, just pin one of the six essential emojis anywhere in your game window and it will be visible to every character in a radius of five squaremeters around you for three seconds.
That's how you make a point, a big, yellow one!

For those of you who are sick of easy fashion, stunning outfit filters will give you that flamboyant distinctive look to wow your fellow Tibians. Let them see how cute or ruthless you feel today, and if you are a real daredevil, you will ride into your next battle on a unicorn, looking like a unicorn.

The contents of this update will be available to all Premium players. Further details about the new features will follow soon and the update will be released in the course of this month. Of course, more chat effects, Tibimojis and filters will be added to the Store in the future.

Time to shine!
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