Assassin dagger404012 -2One217
Blacksteel sword354222Twoknights359
Blade of corruption824829 +2One264
Blade of destruction2005033Oneknights250
Bloody edge554321 -3One252
Bone sword01310One019
Bright sword303630 +1OneNone229
Carlin sword01513 +1One040
Cobra sword2205231 +2sword fighting +3Oneknights263
Combat knife086One08.7
Cowtana253419 +1One028
Crimson sword202820 +1One236
Crimson sword01810One036
Crude umbral blade754826 +1Oneknights063
Crude umbral slayer755129Twoknights0100
Crystal sword253526Twoknights069
Crystalline sword624734 +1One048
Demonrage sword604722Twoknights3150
Djinn blade353822 +2One224.5
Dragon slayer454428Twoknights382
Earth blacksteel sword3535 + 7 Earth22Twoknights059
Earth dragon slayer4535 + 9 Earth28Twoknights082
Earth mystic blade6036 + 8 Earth25 +2One035
Earth relic sword5034 + 8 Earth24 +1One048
Earth spike sword020 + 4 Earth21 +2One050
Emerald sword1004933 +3One241
Energy blacksteel sword3535 + 7 Energy22Twoknights059
Energy dragon slayer4535 + 9 Energy28Twoknights082
Energy mystic blade6036 + 8 Energy25 +2One035
Energy relic sword5034 + 8 Energy24 +1One048
Energy spike sword020 + 4 Energy21 +2One050
Falcon longsword3005634sword fighting +4earth +10%Twoknights282
Fiery blacksteel sword3535 + 7 Fire22Twoknights059
Fiery dragon slayer4535 + 9 Fire28Twoknights082
Fiery mystic blade6036 + 8 Fire25 +2One035
Fiery relic sword5034 + 8 Fire24 +1One048
Fiery spike sword020 + 4 Fire21 +2One050
Fire sword3024 + 11 Fire20 +1One023
Giant sword554622Twoknights3180
Glooth blade7539 + 26 Earth1Twoknights019
Gnome sword25010 + 42 Energy29 +3sword fighting +2energy +6%Oneknights285
Haunted blade304012Twoknights331
Havoc blade704934Twoknights372
Ice rapier042 + 18 Ice1One015
Icy blacksteel sword3535 + 7 Ice22Twoknights059
Icy dragon slayer4535 + 9 Ice28Twoknights082
Icy mystic blade6036 + 8 Ice25 +2One035
Icy relic sword5034 + 8 Ice24 +1One048
Icy spike sword020 + 4 Ice21 +2One050
Impaler of the igniter15025 + 26 Fire31 +3One059
Incredible mumpiz slayer01714One042
Jagged sword02114 +1One029
Katana01612 +1One031
Magic longsword1405540Twoknights043
Magic sword804835 +3One242
Mean knight sword0147Onewithout020
Mercenary sword404327Twoknights068
Mystic blade604425 +2One235
Nightmare blade704623 -3One246
Pharaoh sword454123 +2One052
Poet's fencing quill0108One02
Pointed rabbitslayer0168One01.6
Poison dagger016 + 2 Earth8One08.8
Rapier0108 +1One015
Ratana152719 +1One033
Relic sword504224 +1One248
Ron the Ripper's sabre01210One025
Runed sword654532 +2One246
Sabre01210 +1One025
Scimitar01913 +1One029
Serpent sword018 + 8 Earth15 +1One041
Shimmer sword404220One052
Shiny blade1204935 +2sword fighting +1One145
Short sword01111One035
Silver dagger097One010.2
Slayer of destruction2005230Twoknights370
Spike sword02421 +2One250
Summerblade20010 + 41 Fire20 +3sword fighting +1Oneknights243
Sword01412 +1One235
Tagralt blade2507 + 49 Earth32sword fighting +3Twoknights281
Templar scytheblade02315 +1One029
Thaian sword504529Twoknights361
The avenger755038Twoknights264
The calamity1005135Twoknights068
The epiphany1205035 +3One145
The justice seeker754724 +3OneNone050
Twin hooks203222Twoknights350
Two handed sword203025Twoknights070
Umbral blade1205029 +2Oneknights159
Umbral master slayer2505435sword fighting +3Twoknights290
Umbral masterblade2505231 +3sword fighting +1Oneknights155
Umbral slayer1205231Twoknights195
Warlord sword1205338Twoknights064
Winterblade20010 + 40 Ice22 +3sword fighting +1Oneknights243
Wooden sword077One020
Wyvern fang253219 +1One220
Zaoan sword554318 +2One249
Angelic axe454424Twoknights056
Axe of destruction2005131Oneknights250
Barbarian axe202818 +1One251
Battle axe02510Twoknights050
Beastslayer axe303512 +1One261.5
Butcher's axe454124 -2One263
Chopper of destruction2005230Twoknights370
Cobra axe2208 + 44 Ice29 +2axe fighting +2Oneknights240
Crude umbral axe754924 +1Oneknights090
Crude umbral chopper755127Twoknights0120
Crystalline axe1205129 +3axe fighting +1One176
Daramian axe0178One041
Daramian waraxe253915Twoknights052.5
Deepling axe804929One091
Demonwing axe1205320Twoknights2120
Double axe253512Twoknights070
Dragon lance604716Two367
Dreaded cleaver404019 -3One238
Dwarven axe203119 +2One282
Earth barbarian axe2023 + 5 Earth18 +1One051
Earth headchopper3534 + 8 Earth20Twoknights045
Earth heroic axe6035 + 9 Earth24 +1One061
Earth knight axe2527 + 6 Earth21 +1One059
Earth war axe6539 + 9 Earth10Twoknights061.5
Energy barbarian axe2023 + 5 Energy18 +1One051
Energy headchopper3534 + 8 Energy20Twoknights045
Energy heroic axe6035 + 9 Energy24 +1One061
Energy knight axe2527 + 6 Energy21 +1One059
Energy war axe6539 + 9 Energy10Twoknights061.5
Execowtioner axe554618Two082
Falcon battleaxe30010 + 47 Energy33axe fighting +4energy +12%Twoknights295
Farmer's avenger0177Two025
Fiery barbarian axe2023 + 5 Fire18 +1One051
Fiery headchopper3534 + 8 Fire20Twoknights045
Fiery heroic axe6035 + 9 Fire24 +1One061
Fiery knight axe2527 + 6 Fire21 +1One059
Fiery war axe6539 + 9 Fire10Twoknights061.5
Fire axe3527 + 11 Fire16 +1One040
Glooth axe7539 + 26 Earth1Twoknights019
Glorious axe304023Twoknights095
Golden sickle0136One019.5
Great axe955222Twoknights290
Guardian axe504611Two0110
Guardian halberd554615Two3110
Hand axe0105One018
Heavy trident253517Two090
Hellforged axe1105128 +2One188
Heroic axe604424 +1One261
Hive scythe704624One275
Icy barbarian axe2023 + 5 Ice18 +1One051
Icy headchopper3534 + 8 Ice20Twoknights045
Icy heroic axe6035 + 9 Ice24 +1One061
Icy knight axe2527 + 6 Ice21 +1One059
Icy war axe6539 + 9 Ice10Twoknights061.5
Impaler854925 -2One282
Knight axe253321 +1One259
Mino lance454023One065
Mythril axe804828 +2One255
Noble axe353922One238
Obsidian lance203410Two080
Ogre choppa253923Two075
Orcish axe02312One045
Ornamented axe504222 +2One061.5
Phantasmal axe1805 + 49 Fire32axe fighting +2Twoknights272
Plague bite15026 + 26 Earth31 +3One099
Ravager's axe704914Twoknights352.5
Ravenwing654522 +1One055
Reaper's axe704625 +2One059
Rift lance704828Two366
Ripper lance0287Two080
Royal axe754725 +3One292
Ruthless axe755015Twoknights258
Scythe of the reaper0166Two030
Solar axe1305229 +3One1110
Steel axe02110One041
Stonecutter axe905030 +3One199
Titan axe404330Twoknights081
Twin axe504524Twoknights364
Umbral axe1205127 +2Oneknights185
Umbral chopper1205230Twoknights1115
Umbral master axe2505330 +3axe fighting +1Oneknights180
Umbral master chopper2505434axe fighting +3Twoknights2110
Vile axe554319 +3One052
War axe654810Twoknights361.5
Warrior's axe404221One288
Zaoan halberd253715Two387
Abyss hammer604721Twoknights355
Amber staff404325Two335
Arcane staff755030Two240
Banana staff02515 +2One050
Battle hammer02414One068
Blessed sceptre754721 +3One239
Bone club0128One039
Brutetamer's staff253515Two038
Chaos mace454421Two063
Clerical mace202815 +1One258
Club of the fury0168One05
Cobra club2208 + 44 Fire29 +2club fighting +2Oneknights225
Cranial basher604420 -2One278
Crude umbral hammer755127Twoknights0170
Crude umbral mace754822 +1Oneknights090
Crystal mace353816 +1One280
Daramian mace02112One068
Dark trinity mace1205132 -1One099
Deepling squelcher484428One289
Deepling staff384323Two088
Demonbone804838 -2One2180
Diamond sceptre253418One015
Dragon hammer253220One097
Dragonbone staff303518One218
Earth clerical mace2023 + 5 Earth15 +1One058
Earth cranial basher6036 + 8 Earth20 -2One078
Earth crystal mace3531 + 7 Earth16 +1One080
Earth orcish maul3535 + 7 Earth18Two054
Earth war hammer5036 + 9 Earth10Twoknights085
Energized demonbone804640 -1energy +3%One2180
Energy clerical mace2023 + 5 Energy15 +1One058
Energy cranial basher6036 + 8 Energy20 -2One078
Energy crystal mace3531 + 7 Energy16 +1One080
Energy orcish maul3535 + 7 Energy18Two054
Energy war hammer5036 + 9 Energy10Twoknights085
Falcon mace30011 + 41 Energy33 +3club fighting +3energy +7%Oneknights268
Ferumbras' staff1002030One029
Fiery clerical mace2023 + 5 Fire15 +1One058
Fiery cranial basher6036 + 8 Fire20 -2One078
Fiery crystal mace3531 + 7 Fire16 +1One080
Fiery orcish maul3535 + 7 Fire18Two054
Fiery war hammer5036 + 9 Fire10Twoknights085
Furry club203119 +1One042
Giant smithhammer02414One068
Glooth club7539 + 26 Earth1Twoknights019
Glooth whip253319One232
Glutton's mace01610One013
Hammer of destruction2005329Twoknights370
Hammer of prophecy1205235Twoknights0110
Hammer of wrath654812Twoknights370
Heavy mace704915Twoknights3110
Icy clerical mace2023 + 5 Ice15 +1One058
Icy cranial basher6036 + 8 Ice20 -2One078
Icy crystal mace3531 + 7 Ice16 +1One080
Icy orcish maul3535 + 7 Ice18Two054
Icy war hammer5036 + 9 Ice10Twoknights085
Iron hammer01810One066
Jade hammer704620 +1One032
Lich staff404030 +2One041
Life preserver152719 +2One246
Light mace0149One041
Lunar staff304025Two338
Mace of destruction2005032Oneknights250
Mallet handle02414One015
Mammoth whopper203015One045
Metal bat554420One051
Moohtant cudgel604721Two085
Morning star02511One054
Mortal mace2208 + 44 Death27 +2club fighting +2Oneknights241
Mycological mace1205031 +3club fighting +1One159
Northern star504215 +1One042
Obsidian truncheon1005030 +2One165
Ogre klubba504525Two079
One hit wonder704922Two096
Onyx flail654518One226
Orcish maul354218Two354
Ornate mace904924One2149
Pair of iron fists504517Twoknights045
Queen's sceptre554319One223
Resizer23011 + 46 Ice33club fighting +2Twoknights289
Rotten demonbone804640 -1earth +3%One2180
Sapphire hammer303718One221
Shadow sceptre353917One241
Silver mace454130 +2One267
Skull staff303612 +1One217
Snake god's sceptre824829 +3One2120
Spiked squelcher304121Twoknights368
Spiky club203114One039
Stale bread of ancientness0188One05
Strange mallet0189One045
Studded club098One035
Sulphurous demonbone804640 -1fire +3%One2180
Swampling club01712One031
Taurus mace203018Two051
The stomper1005120Twoknights2115
Thunder hammer854935 +1One2125
Umbral hammer1205330Twoknights1165
Umbral mace1205026 +2Oneknights185
Umbral master hammer2505534club fighting +3Twoknights2160
Umbral master mace2505230 +3club fighting +1Oneknights180
Unliving demonbone804640 -1death +3%One2180
War hammer504510Twoknights385
Assassin star806504One02
Enchanted spear423804One020
Glooth spear605503One026
Hunting spear203203One022
Leaf star604804One02
Mean paladin spear01503One010
Royal spear253503One025
Royal star1206404One02.2
Small stone0504One03.6
Throwing cake0000One00.8
Throwing knife02504One05
Throwing star03004One02
Throwing star of Sula025000One02
Viper star02804One02
Bow of cataclysm250+646Two347
Bow of destruction200+556Two355
Composite hornbow50+326Two352
Crude umbral bow75+257Two050
Elethriel's elemental bow70+704Two044
Elvish bow056Two339
Falcon bow300+756Two335
Hive bow85+256Two346
Icicle bow0+146Two342
Living vine bow220+556Two338
Musician's bow004Two312.5
Mycological bow105+446Two349
Rift bow120+537Two341
Shimmer bow40+176Two048
Silkweaver bow4036Two322
Umbral bow120+457Two145
Umbral master bow250+657Two240
Warsinger bow80+357Two345
Yol's bow6077Two035
Chain bolter60+403Two355
Cobra crossbow220+766Two240
Crossbow of destruction200+655Two365
Crude umbral crossbow75+315Two0130
Crystal crossbow90+436Two084
Modified crossbow4515Two335
Ornate crossbow50+126Two091
Rift crossbow120+545Two3130
Royal crossbow130+536Two3120
The devileye100+20-206Two355
The ironworker80+405Two3150
Thorn spitter150+916Two3126
Triple bolt crossbow70+325Two362
Umbral crossbow120+625Two1125
Umbral master crossbow250+945Two2120
Burst arrow02700.9
Crystalline arrow906500.75
Diamond arrow1503700.8
Earth arrow2014 + 14 Earth00.7
Envenomed arrow7027 + 27 Earth00.7
Flaming arrow2014 + 14 Fire00.7
Flash arrow2014 + 14 Energy00.7
Onyx arrow403800.7
Poison arrow02300.8
Shiver arrow2014 + 14 Ice00.7
Simple arrow02000.6
Sniper arrow202800.7
Tarsal arrow303300.7
Drill bolt705600.8
Infernal bolt1107200.9
Piercing bolt303300.8
Power bolt554000.9
Prismatic bolt906600.85
Spectral bolt1507800.9
Vortex bolt403600.8
Cobra wand27094-100 Energy224magic level +2sorcerers219
Falcon wand30086-102 Energy215magic level +3fire +8%sorcerers233
Ferumbras' staff (Wand)10080-110 Energy194magic level +1sorcerer034
Shimmer wand4056-74 Energy134sorcerers031
Sorc and druid staff08-18 Energy23without019
The scorcher04-8 Fire13sorcerers015
Wand of cosmic energy2637-53 Energy83sorcerers025
Wand of darkness4180-100 Death154magic level +2, critical hit chance 10%, critical extra damage +50%sorcerers032
Wand of decay1923-37 Death53sorcerers023
Wand of defiance6575-95 Energy174magic level +1sorcerers037
Wand of destruction20080-110 Energy204magic level +1sorcerers235
Wand of dimensions3744-62 Energy93sorcerers028
Wand of draconia2223-37 Fire53sorcerers227
Wand of dragonbreath1313-25 Fire33sorcerers221
Wand of everblazing6575-95 Fire174magic level +1sorcerers037
Wand of inferno3356-74 Fire133sorcerers027
Wand of starstorm3756-74 Energy133sorcerers225.5
Wand of voodoo4256-74 Death133sorcerers228.5
Wand of vortex68-18 Energy23sorcerers019
Cobra rod22070-110 Earth215magic level +2druids225
Deepling ceremonial dagger18086-98 Ice236magic level +2earth +5%sorcerers and druids232
Deepling fork23080-120 Ice235magic level +2holy +8%sorcerers and druids233
Dream blossom staff8063-77 Energy184magic level +1sorcerers and druids232
Energized limb18088-108 Fire245magic level +2energy +10%sorcerers and druids227
Falcon rod30087-101 Earth205magic level +3energy +8%druids237
Glacial rod6575-95 Ice174magic level +1druids037
Hailstorm rod3356-74 Ice133druids027
Moonlight rod1313-25 Ice33druids021
Muck rod6575-95 Earth174magic level +1druids037
Necrotic rod1923-37 Death53druids023
Northwind rod2223-37 Ice53druids229
Ogre scepta3756-74 Earth133druids229
Rod of destruction20080-110 Ice204magic level +1druids235
Shimmer rod4056-74 Ice134druids031
Snakebite rod68-18 Earth23druids019
Springsprout rod3756-74 Earth133druids027
Terra rod2637-53 Earth83druids025
The chiller04-8 Ice13druids015
Underworld rod4256-74 Death133druids229